I enjoy taking photographs because of the enormous creative scope it provides. I am generally attracted to simplicity in either subject or composition, which is down to my background and job as a graphic designer. I see the structure of photographs in the same way as I do a layout, and I like them to be easy to read. I'm also a bit of a magpie and so take inspiration from all sorts of styles of photography, and so will shoot different subjects in different ways. I'd get bored to tears if I had to design the same thing everyday and that translates to what I point my camera at.

I generally choose my travel destinations based on places I think will be photogenic as that's what I enjoy doing most while I'm away. I find making double exposures an effective way of producing interesting images of buildings or monuments that have been endlessly photographed. It also appeals to me as the images often look quite graphic and hopefully not like the usual tourist snap.

I enjoy the freedom of not taking portraiture too seriously and being silly. I do appreciate beautiful portraits but also think there's something interesting in seeing people in ways you wouldn't normally. The dollerized series takes this idea to an extreme. I think they look cute but most people seem to find them a little disturbing… which I secretly quite like.

All images on this site are available as prints or for licensing. Ask me about prices.

Want to see yourself as a doll? Ask about commissioning your own dollerized portrait.

By day I'm a graphic designer based in Brighton at Stoats & Weasels

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